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   Aroma Spa


 Cell Phone 804-621-9164

...where we focus on you


Warming Body Glow - 45 min $90

We dry brush your body and give an application of warm oil mixed with your choice of sugar or salt scrub, then rinsed with vichy shower. The deep exfoliation gives your skin a healthy renewal and all over glow and the oil is moisturizing.

Ayurvedic Body Wrap - 60 min $115

This divine body detoxifying experience begins with a botanical body mask, continuing with a gentle exfoliation and a dry brush massage to leave the skin soft and smooth. Treatment continues with an aroma-therapy, circulatory massage using warm, nourishing, herbal-infused oils.

Aromatherapy Add-ons

  • $5 - 1 oil
  • $10 - blend of 2
  • $15 - blend of 3


Re-mineralizing Seaweed

Wrap - 60 min $115

Seaweed infuses the skin with vital mineral salts and algaes that nourish the skin, improving tone, function and color, stimulating circulation and renewing energy levels.