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   Aroma Spa


...where we focus on you

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‚ÄčAroma Spa

Happy Father's Day

          (1)  Pamper Your Dad  ~  $75

                Includes a 45 minutes massage, Pedicure.

           (2)  Unconditional Love  ~  $150

                 Includes Aroma facial, 30 minutes massage, Pedicure and Manicure.

            (3)  Super Dad  ~  $200

                  Includes 60 minutes massage , Quick to go facial, Aroma pedicure and                                Manicure

            (4)  Absolutely Handsome  ~  $250

                  Includes a facial, Body wrap, aroma pedicure , manicure and eyebrows.

             (5)  For a Loving Dad  ~  $350

                   Includes a custom facial,60 minutes massage, body wrap, aroma pedicure,

                   Manicure, Paraffin dip and eyebrows threading or waxing.



Gift Certificates Available &

Pamper Your Loved Ones

(Valid for only regular price and not for discounted or special prices)

(No mix and match)

(You will get this discount only if you mention it and all sales are final, no refund)